شنبه 6 خرداد‌ماه سال 1385


Samsung YM-PD1

Housing a 4-inch widescreen in its stylish chassis, Samsung's 30 GB YM-PD1 racks up extensive audio/video playback support, TV out, a stereo FM radio and even DMB-T for watching live TV. More

Creative Zen Vision

Despite its compact form factor, Creative's 30 GB Zen Vision boasts a 3.5-inch VGA resolution screen, playback of a resoundingly comprehensive list of audio/video formats and TV out. More


Archos AV700

Not only equipped with an enormous 7-inch widescreen display, the Archos AV700 also comes with either 40 or 100 GB of storage, TV out and comprehensive format support. More



The first widescreen Portable Media Center device, LG's PM70 offers 4.3 inches of screen estate as well as TV recording to its 30 GB of storage and WMV/DivX/XviD video playback. More


Archos AV500

Available in 30, 60 or 100 GB editions, the Archos AV500 plays back a number of audio and video formats on its 4-inch widescreen display. Also: TV recording and TV out. More